Thursday, 20 February 2014

Love and Havoc - is the name of our new album

We are very excited about our new album and have just finished mastering the tracks!! All the songs are original and we are so happy with the sound & can't wait to share it with the world.
Love and Havoc - we can reveal is the album name and will be launched on the 15th & 16th of March 2014. Then we will take the album on tour around Ireland on a Nationwide tour. Tour list below.
So come and see us in a town near you & please share the news to anyone you know who'd be interested in catching our live show or buying an album.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

It's Alive!! Rackhouse Pilfer's new original Album is born!!!

We've been here two weeks & we are now busy mixing the album together... 
Each day has been an early in the studio & we worked up to 8pm..
This gave us an opportunity to see some great bands & hang out in the evenings before a other early start the next day...

There have been many stand out moments over the past week!!
One was being asked to film a live set in Carter Vintage Guitars Shop.

While playing the set a guy came up and asked us to play at his birthday bash at the "Station Inn" this coming Monday @ 8pm...
Turns out this guy is a legendary Nashville guitarist Guthrie Trapp. 
We are very honoured to be asked and can't wait to sing our hearts out!

Another stand out moment happened last night. We were invited by Country Music Hall of Fame-er, George Hamilton IV, to hang out backstage at the "Grand Ole Opry". He even introduced us to the packed crowd at the "Opry".. "Special guests 'Rackhouse Pilfer' all the way from Ireland". We were shocked but humbly took a bow.

The previous night (Thursday) we did a short set at a great venue called the Basement. And we have been asked to do another couple of showcase gigs at a few cool venues.

We are very grateful for the warm welcome we've received here in Nashville. 

As I write we are waiting to have a listen to our mixed album and try and figure out a song running order.
It's all very exciting!!! Our songs have come to life & we can't wait to share them now!!!

The last few pieces of the jigsaw are all set up for next week mastering & artwork. Photos have been taken by Colin Gillen who joined us on this adventure & has captured the lot on film & photos. It's been great having him here, he's great fun & is an inducted Pilfer himself at this stage!!! 

At the end of next week we fly home with the master in our hands & it'll handed over to be duplicated the minute we touch down in Ireland.

Thanks very much to all our friends, family & supporters!!! 
We've had a blast & have an album we are very proud of!!!
The biggest thanks has to go to our Fundit pledgers who helped make this album possible & helped make a bunch of sligo musicians dreams come true!!!