Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Rackhouse Pilfer - Album 'Back to the Country' 16/03/13

'Rackhouse Pilfer were born out of a fireside session that grew in popularity so much they needed to 'plug in' to be heard'

Rackhouse Pilfer are a six-piece bluegrass, folk, alt-country and Americana Band based in Sligo, on the northwest coast of Ireland.

Formed in 2012 through lifelong musical friendships and bands ranging from folk and blues, to American country, traditional Irish music and even heavy metal. These early influences have brought the band to a radically distinctive sound and high octane performance on stage. Along with original songs, the band performs bluegrass & folk songs, old-time country songs & reinterpretations of their favourite artists/music.
Building on our successful album launch 'Back to the Country' Rackhouse are touring all over Ireland & Europe this summer to promote their Debut Album. Having formed in 2012 the lads are very excited about having come so far in such a short time. 'Sligo has been very good to us!!! But now it's time let the rest of the world see what we can do & make Sligo proud'!!!

"Rackhouse Pilfer's great energy and musicianship was one of the highlights of our show at Sligo Live. They'll create a stir wherever they go".  
John Murray, The John Murray Show, RTE Radio 1

"We literally had to turn our punters away such were the large crowds that these guys drew. Currently a word of mouth phenomenon but not for long. The lads are the whole package; musically gifted, entertainers, incredibly professional and a delight to work with."
Deirdre Melvin, Associate Producer, Sligo Live Festival 2012

"a fiery and exciting new band from Sligo, Rackhouse Pilfer's music exudes energy and confidence making them a name to watch for"
John O'Regan, Music Journalist (writes freelance for FRoots magazine, Mojo & Irish Music Magazine) 

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