Monday, 20 January 2014

Nashville Music City USA

We have arrived safely after a long flight through New York. Two days in Nashville and we've been taking in the sights, sounds, food & entertainment that's on offer. This is such a vibrant town & if you like Americana music then you must visit!!
In the 2 days we have been here we have seen some amazing bands, heard some of the finest musicians & met some amazing down to earth people!! 
For the first time in ages we have been on the listening side & Nashville has rocked!!
Saturday night we were at a show featuring John Carter Cash (son of guess who), Realyn Nelson (grand-daughter of Willie) & an amazing husband and wife duo called 'Blue Mother Tupelo'...
And we met original 'Oak Ridge Boys' singer William Lee Golden, such a gentleman & such a beard!!
Our own Les & Willie joined them for a rendition of 'Will the circle be unbroken' with everyone onstage for the last hootenanny song!! 
Then Sunday night we saw an amazing Texas Swing Band in Roberts bar on Broadway down town Nashville.
On fiddle was Hoot Hester (the house fiddler from the Grand ole Oprey) & on lead Guitar/Lap Steel was Chris Scruggs (grandson of Earle Scruggs). They were awesome & so tasty!! 
We've met the finest of musician & songwriters. Had a beer in a bar where Hank Williams Snr first sung 'Hey Good Looking' and cause hysteria in 1948... This town is just so steeped in music and legacy and everyone is so unassuming, polite & humble!!!

Sunday evening we met up with our producer Brad Jones and he showed us his studio and got to know each other. He's another gentleman and collector of vintage instruments, you name it he has it!! He was very interested in our songs & it was very relaxed.!!  We all can't wait to get started now.
This morning we start work!!! 
Rackhouse Pilfer in Alex the Great studio, Nashville Tennessee, second album here we go!!